Crossdressing: What It Is And Who Practice It

Within the “new terms” in sexuality is usually talking about crossdressing. ¿Do you know what it is? Do you want to know who practices it? I tell you everything in the following lines.

Crossdressing means dressing as the opposite gender would: if you are a man you dress as you would typically do, and if you are a woman you dress as a man would. Usually the term used to talk about this has been transvestism.

Generally, it is usually men who practice crossdressing more frequently, wearing skirts, heels, makeup … In women it is less common, but it can also happen. Why not? It is simply a form of expression and of living that man / woman duality that we all have in our person.

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Of course, it is very important to bear in mind that being a transvestite or practicing crossdressing has nothing to do with your sexual orientation or sexual identity:

That a person likes to wear a skirt, pants or whatever has nothing to do with that you like men or women. It is generally thought that, for example, a man who enjoys dressing up in heels has to be gay, but he has the same logic as thinking that because I like football, I have to like lentils. Tastes are just that, tastes.

That a person likes to dress like the opposite gender does not mean that he feels the opposite gender. Personal / sexual identity is not related to sexual preferences.

Generally, this type of “costume changes” are made in privacy, to enjoy one alone or as a couple. Look, a “role play” would be exactly the same, in this case the only extra are the complements. Another alternative is the premises and spaces designed for this type of practice.

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